Seating Info

GTS Theatre is a small Cabaret Style Theatre, decorated with a 1920’s “Gatsby” Vaudevillian Flair.

At GTS Theatre – you won’t just watch a show you will EXPERIENCE the show.  This intimate cabaret theatre seats 140 people comfortably.

  • The front row is VIP Seating – Why Choose VIP?  As the entertainers come down off the stage they engage with the front row.  They may stop and shake your hand during a song or drop to one knee and sing part of the song to you.  It’s truly an experience of a lifetime.
  • All other seating is considered General Seating.  Our computer system does not assign your seat number when you order your tickets.  Why not?  Unlike other theatre’s if you need to add someone to your party you may do so up to 3 hours prior to the event.  That person or persons will then sit with you as long as the tickets are all ordered under the same name as previously.


Here is an excerpt from one of the shows reviews:  This family saw the Crazy Country Christmas and their review of the theatre is spot on:

The GTS Theater is not a Carolina Opry, Alabama Theater, or Legends in Concert. You cannot compare those shows realistically with the shows available at the GTS Theater in regards to venue, atmosphere, and ambiance. It is not that one is good and one is not. You are just simply not comparing Apples To Apples. They are two very different presentations of a live theatrical/musical production.

Our experience attending the GTS Theater was fantastic. We were a bit surprised when we arrived as the theater is small, attached to a retail store, Jamin’ Leather, and there was no glitz and flashing lights. At first we were concerned about parking, but we quickly found the gravel parking lot on the other side of Jamin’ Leather. When we entered their lobby area, we found our name on their list and the lady confirmed on the sheet we had arrived. We entered the main area and were greeted by “The Grinch” who was posing for pictures and dancing. There was Christmas music playing. We quickly found our seats. Yes, the seats are standard banquet-style seating, but they were not uncomfortable and provided plenty of back support. It is just not what you might be expecting if you have visited other shows elsewhere. Once you get passed that, you will be fine. The restrooms are unisex, which again is fine and actually smarter (no long lines for the female restroom) and the refreshment stand is extremely reasonably priced and everything we had was good. The stage is smaller than one may expect if they have visited other venues but fits the location well. Once you are seated and acclimate yourself to the venue, everything begins to fit together.

The show itself was fantastic! The performers sang well and the skits were cute. The “Angel on the Tree” skit/song was hilarious and had the entire place laughing non-stop. There were two halves with an intermission in between like similar shows. We did not feel there was a bad seat at the show. The show experience is a personal one. The audience is small so you feel as if you are part of the show. The owners/managers converse with you like family members, have a good sense of humor, and genuinely care about the product they are offering to you. It is their “baby” and it reminded us like we were visiting their house, were their guests, and they were hosting a party/event.

Do not have a pre-conceived idea of what to expect for the show when arriving. This is not a show/theater put on by some large corporation with cookie-cutter expectations for guests. If you are familiar with a “vaudeville” feel or small theater atmosphere, you will greatly appreciate this setting. Do not let the size fool you though… the talent is great and everyone that we encountered was professional. You feel well taken care of and there is a genuine effort to make sure you are enjoying the show and the experience they have to offer. We felt the ticket prices were reasonable. We have read other reviews where some have felt this particular theater is overpriced. Our view is that we paid for an experience and to be entertained and we received both and were very happy with our visit.

Our family enjoyed our time at the GTS Theater and the “Crazy Country Christmas” Show. It was a new experience for us and we found the theater concept, style, and atmosphere very entertaining. We would like to return to another show in the summer when visiting the area again. We think the owners have a good thing going and wish them well and continued success in a theater format that is not common on the “Grand Strand”. You have a unique product to offer and we recommend to others to take in a show. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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